What We Do

At Unite, we recognise that the world has changed significantly and continues to do so at what sometimes seems like an alarming pace. The effects on the global economy and markets in recent years have been making it difficult to keep ahead and know where to safely place your clients whilst still providing the opportunity for profit, thus building the long term, stable relationships required for a sustainable and mutually beneficial future. This has become especially notable in the pension arena with multiple changes in legislation in a short space of time mostly brought about by a heavy bout of miss selling throughout the investment industry. Todays world offers many market-based opportunities but many new and alternative investments present the dilemma of the unknown and are not suitable for many, especially pension clients.

This has driven us to seek out quality products from established and highly credible sources for IFAs, wealth managers and brokerages to introduce to clients who may wish to diversify their portfolio and participate in carefully researched and established opportunities.

With poor performance in many areas and the desire by many to question more closely the ethics, security and credibility behind the products they purchase, we believe that the opportunities we have available will be both attractive and lucrative for clients who fit this category.

The products and services that Unite distribute are suitable for a broad client spectrum including private investors, pension clients, corporates and institutions. We treat all our partners with complete integrity and honesty at all times and our track record of uncompromising ethics instils the trust to enable a long-term relationship.

Because of our extensive research and due diligence we offer our partners the best opportunities which we believe have the greatest potential for healthy returns whilst keeping risk exposure to a minimum. Many of the products we source are from FCA regulated companies in the UK and all have an established history which can be researched as part of the decision making process before offering to your valued client base.