Unite Limited – About Us


At Unite Limited we believe we’re different – because for us, it’s not about ANY introduction, it’s about the RIGHT introduction.

In short, Unite Limited assists with investment portfolio management: introducing you or your clients to quality, select products that are highly regulated and established.  Effectively, we do the hard work so you don’t have to: using our extensive industry knowledge to find the best opportunities and products from first class service providers.

Company history

Unite Ltd was formed back in January 2011. It is an independently owned business with a clear direction: to pursue excellence in all aspects of its operations.

What do Unite do?

Having worked in various markets during its foundation years, Unite concentrates now on the introduction of a select range of products for industry professionals with the focus on UK, FCA regulated investments. In the main, Unite does not work with retail clients: instead we generally operate on a wholesale B2B basis.  However, we are able to introduce private investors such as HNWIs, UHNWIs and corporations to our regulated provider or a qualified IFA should they request it.

Our main activity has been in the B2B arena and in this market we have enjoyed steady growth since our inception. Businesses are offered high quality, regulated, transparent services and products that are suitable for a wide range of clients from HNW individuals, family offices, corporations and other organisations.

Unite does not usually operate on a B2C level. This means that it does not offer advice or handle funds. Effectively we introduce IFAs, brokers, wealth managers and other industry professionals to carefully researched opportunities that they may want to  to introduce to their clients.

The products are often suitable for qualifying pension clients as most opportunities are SIPP, SSAS, QROPS, Bond, Trust, etc. approved.

Why should I trust Unite?

The market has become overrun with investment opportunities, particularly since the global recession of 2008 and its subsequent effects on the world economy. However, many of these offers are not suitable for many clients – in particular for those with pensions.

As a result, Unite set out to find quality products from highly credible sources that brokerages, IFAs and wealth managers might want to introduce to their clients to help them diversify their portfolio.

The key for Unite has been to find high quality companies to partner with.  We search the marketplace for the best because our reputation is vital: ethics and credibility are crucial to us.  As such, the opportunities we present are both potentially lucrative and highly trustworthy. Our uncompromising ethics ensure that clients establish long-term partnerships: and indeed the feedback we have received suggests that clients have been pleased with the service providers we have introduced to them.

So with our extensive research and due diligence we hope to have provided the opportunity to capitalise on the best financial opportunities while limiting risk exposure.

Some key notes about the Unite approach

  • All providers have excellent credentials and track records and utilise UK banking. Most opportunities are through FCA regulated entities and all have been carefully researched.
  • Viable exit options
  • Full support and reporting / tracking
  • Timely payments
  • Suitable for B2B networks and B2C retail clients
  • Available to UK residents, expats and most international investors

If you are a private individual or corporate investor visiting this site and have an interest in investment, please feel free to contact us or click on the Portfolio Designer Tab and we will introduce you to the regulated product/service provider which will enable an obligation free opportunity for discussion. It can then then be established if their product/service is suitable for you and they can explain in more detail how they can assist if appropriate.  Alternatively, please refer to a professional financial advisor before making any decisions.