Searching for a fully FCA regulated investment in the UK? Unite is pleased to introduce a unique opportunity to invest with one of the leading investment boutiques in London.

If you’re a corporate or high-net worth individual, then Unite can introduce you to one of the leading multi asset investment houses in London to enable you to diversify / enhance your portfolio.

What is an investment boutique?

Ever since the financial crisis of 2008, boutique investments have enjoyed a surge in popularity, especially in London, taking a significant level of market share from traditional large investment banks. These boutique investment houses advise corporates and individuals on mergers and acquisitions; wealth management; and even Forex (FX) trading, among other financial services.

How can this investment boutique help?

If you hold existing investments, either offshore or onshore; or if you are considering making changes to your current investment portfolio, then one option is the FX trading arena along with other asset classes such as equities and commodities.

While these markets certainly carry risk, a boutique investment firm with years of experience can help minimize the risk and improve your chances of success by offering a personalised service that will be designed to suit your individual risk appetite, expectations, account size and needs.

What makes this London investment boutique the right choice?

If you are going to make an FX investment, you’ll need a company that can help you build a robust portfolio that will allow you to take advantage of the market regardless of its conditions whilst managing volatility.

In the case of the multi asset investment advisory that Unite is partnered with, clients can be assured of a high level of service coupled with years or experience. It is fully FCA regulated and RDR compliant. Unite has worked with the people behind this company for more than 5 years.

If you’d like to know more about this unique investment opportunity simply fill out the form on the opposite side of the page and get in touch with Unite now for more information about how this boutique investment could work for you.
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Here are some of the notable benefits of engaging with this professional managed account offering:

  • A 100 per cent transparent model, fully FCA regulated, with clients having 24/7 real-time access to all trading activity on their account.
  • Currently trading more than £1billion per month across a spectrum of currencies.
  • Funds held by a UK custodian.
  • Full managed account service available to HNW and UHNW individuals, family offices, corporates and pension funds.
  • Technical traders that build portfolios using bespoke trading systems.
  • Highly personalised service with each client account traded according to their own specific risk / reward requirements – not a one size fits all model.
  • Highly competitive fee structure.
  • SIPP, SSAS, QROPS, Trust and Bond approved.
  • Suitable for UK residents, expats and most international investors.