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Forex for Private Clients – Services Available

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It is the largest market in the world so it is no surprise that today’s investors have many options when it comes to receiving advice and direction about where to invest their money. However, at Unite there is only one company that we believe is worthy of guiding your investments.

Our partner is a unique multi asset investment boutique that is fully RDR compliant and FCA regulated and is based in the heart of the city of London. It is a true specialist in the forex sector with a highly skilled and motivated staff that combines years of experience with a genuine passion for helping their clients make the most of their investments.

This investment boutique offers an advisory service – providing forex trading for high net worth individuals, pension funds, family offices, corporates and other organisations. Their technical trading strategies effectively manage risk, controlling volatility and hedging portfolios while still maintaining a bias and aiming to yield percentages. It doesn’t claim to offer a guaranteed formula for success – no honest company can – but it does aim to lower risk and increase the likelihood of making money by combining the best of both worlds: the true expertise of an institution with a boutique’s personal service.

Unlike many service providers, this investment boutique does not assume that “one size fits all.”  Instead, it will tailor the service offering bespoke trading that is specifically designed for your needs based on your account size, risk appetite and overall financial expectations.

You can rest assured that Unite has scoured the market to find one of the most reliable and forward thinking forex experts in the marketplace. It trades more than one billion per month in a variety of currencies and is fully regulated and highly respected. In fact, in almost five years of its partnership with Unite, we have always received positive feedback.

Please bear in mind that this offer is aimed at private clients that are experienced and sophisticated individuals capable of making informed decisions and certain level of investment: minimum entry is set at £25,000 and will only be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

What other services does Unite offer?

From time to time, Unite likes to offer its clients other opportunities. It is constantly researching the market for new investment products and services and looks to build relationships with only the most outstanding service providers. While we currently believe we have the best available Forex relationship, you can rest assured that we will continue to scour the marketplace for other credible and professional services across a range of areas. Please get in touch if you would like to know what is currently on offer.