Forex for Industry Professionals – Why Choose Unite Limited

Forex for Industry Professionals – Why Choose Unite Limited

Any company that is looking to expand its client’s investment portfolio should look no further than the unique forex opportunity available from Unite.

At Unite we’re well aware that there are a host of forex deals available for IFAs, wealth managers and brokers to offer to their valued clients. However, as a business looking to broaden your client’s portfolio and assist them with solid investments that have the potential to make them money while also offering an exciting proposition, it’s vital to choose a name that you can trust. In this regard, Unite has done the work for you by partnering with one of the leading multi asset investment boutiques in London.

Why trust Unite?

At Unite we don’t claim to be something we’re not. We have been working for several years as an introducer of a select, small range of products for industry professionals. At our heart, we focus on UK-based FCA regulated opportunities on a wholesale BDM basis: retail clients are not our priority.

We have steadily grown over the last few years by only linking with trustworthy companies with outstanding reputations. We will only link with businesses that offer transparent, high quality and regulated services and products.

So what is so special about this provider?

As an introducer you might expect Unite to act like a broker with several different companies it could potentially introduce you to. However, our approach is different – we have found just ONE investment boutique that we believe is the best. That way we can be sure that we will maintain our excellent client reputation.

This multi asset investment company that we have been working with for many years advises both individuals and corporations on wealth management specialising in the FX arena but also offering opportunities in worldwide stocks and shares, (indices), oil and precious metals.

Forex trading has become its key investment area because while forex can certainly be speculative, this boutique has built a reputation for managing risk very effectively during periods of volatility. It has almost 8 years of experience to enhance your client’s chances of success and will guide them based on their account size, expectations and their individual risk appetite. With this boutique your clients will be able to take advantage of the market, no matter what the conditions.

However, what really sets this investment boutique aside is that it is fully FCA regulated and has built a solid reputation within the industry. In a partnership that has lasted almost 5 years, we have always received positive feedback from both our partners and their clients alike.

Furthermore, should you chose to work with this investment house, you will receive excellent support and tracking along with timely payments every month through a generous revenue share programme.

So how can you get in touch?

If you’re interested in this unique offer, then just contact Unite now by filling in the form on the opposite side of the page or using any of the methods outlined in our contact us page.

PLEASE NOTE: This article is meant to be a general introduction to forex for industry professionals. It is not to be constituted as financial advice. If you are considering entering the forex markets, seek independent financial advice first.