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Before entering the Forex markets you should ensure you take advice from a professional, qualified and fully regulated trader because 85 to 90 per cent of people who trade in the Forex markets globally lose money. Unite’s fully regulated investment boutique partner, based in London, can guide you and help you personalise your Forex trading investment based on your individual needs taking into account the size of the investment you want to make, your risk tolerance level and your financial objectives.

However, to help enhance your knowledge about the sector, we have put together a series of guides explaining some of the trading strategies that a professional trader may choose to employ depending on the circumstances; as well as offering a general overview of the workings of the Forex market and an explanation of some common Forex-related jargon. Just click on the links below to read our guides.


WHAT IS FOREX: Explaining the basics of the forex trading markets, such as what the forex trading market is; when it is open; and more.

HOW DOES FOREX WORK: A guide examining some of the best times for a professional trader to buy and sell forex; and explaining important terms such as margins, spread betting and CDFs.

FOREX JARGON EXPLAINED: Do you understand all of the complicated jargon associated with the forex trading markets? If not, then this guide will point you in the right direction from A-Z.

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS: There are many forex trading strategies that could be employed by a professional trader to get ahead of the market and a fundamental analysis is one of the most popular.

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: Professional forex traders carrying out a technical analysis of the forex markets may examine charts and assess what type of trader you are.

TREND LINES: From bullish trend lines to dovish trend lines, here we explain all the different types of forex trend lines and what they mean for currency trades.

WHAT IS A TECHNICAL INDICATOR: Examining the different types of forex technical indicators and explaining how a professional trader could use them in your forex trading strategy.

ORDER TYPES: From market orders to stop-loss orders and limiting orders, utilising these orders successfully can help protect traders in case the market takes an unexpected turn.

PLEASE NOTE: These guides are meant to offer a general outline of some key forex-related areas. They are not to be constituted as financial advice and the strategies should only be considered by professional traders in selected circumstances. If you are considering entering the forex trading markets, seek independent financial advice first.