Financial Guides: Bonds, SIPPS, SSAS, Trusts and more.


Before you invest in any financial plan or product you should try and educate yourself as much as possible about what that product involves; the fees, any penalties, the terms, etc. to establish the advantages and disadvantages to determine whether it’s truly right for you.

Here we offer some financial guides including pension guides giving you a basic overview of how certain products work and their key points. Bear in mind that these guides are meant to give you some introductory knowledge only: you should consult an independent financial adviser before determining if these products are suitable for you.

Bonds Guide: Explaining what bonds are; how they are rated; how to invest in bonds; key features to look out for; and where to seek advice about bonds.

QROPS Guide: Looking at QROPS pensions for people planning to move abroad explaining how they work and how to transfer a pension into a QROPS.

SIPPS Guide: A guide explaining what SIPPS are; how much you can contribute to a SIPP; the type of investments that can be included in a SIPP; and more.

SSAS Guide: Examining the advantages and disadvantages of SSAS including what to look for from a SSAS provider and SSAS V SIPPs.

Trusts Guide: A trust guide looking at how they work; their confidentiality; when to consider a trust; and the taxes associated with trusts.

Should you wish to find out more based on your individual investment strategy then you can contact Unite now who can introduce you to a regulated financial advisor.

PLEASE NOTE: These articles are meant to be general guides. They are not to be constituted as financial advice. If you are considering investing then you should seek independent financial advice first.